Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

When it comes to doing what one wants, there are some things that are worth fighting over. Malika knows that she shouldn't be in the living room when Dizzy comes home. Rather than argue, Dizzy grabs her by the hair and rubs her face into her denim covered ass and pussy. She wrestles her to the ground and starts to grind her denim covered pussy in her face and laughs at her suffocating.

When Jane and Layla get together, they enjoy their times. The both admire each other in jeans and can't keep their hands to themselves. They love the feel of one another's hands in their pockets, the feel of the jeans on their bare curvy asses. Layla sits on Jane's back just because she wants to and Jane loves spanking Layla's pretty ass. They don't know what turns them on more, the jeans or all the touching.

Mistress Mercedes loves to push the envelope. She knows what she has to do when it comes to punishing her slave. Right before she goes out, she calls her slave to come into the living room. She puts him on the floor and puts her denim clad ass on his face. She doesn't care that he can't get any air through the thick denim. She wants him to understand why he's being punished.

Jana is a novice in many areas but an expert in others. Jana knows she looks good in jeans because she feels really sexy in them. She wants to do something new and she wants to do it to her slave. She grabs a doll and sits on it. She wants to know what it feels like to sit on a face so she tries it on the doll first. She lets her slave know she will be sitting on his with all her weight soon.

Emely knows what makes her ass look good and her favorite pair of light blue jeans are it. She loves the softness of the material and how it cups her ass just right. She wears a thong so that she can feel the material against her round ass. She can't help but get turned on at the feel of the crotch brushing up against her pussy. She gets turned on when she wears these jeans and she loves it.

When Louve and Mary get together, they enjoy their pussy licking times. Louve knows that Mary enjoys denim so she surprises her with a pair of new jeans. Mary dives for her pussy, smelling and licking through the denim. As she plays with Louve, she can't help but want to return the favor. She turns the tables and starts to sniff and eat at Mary's pussy through the denim as well.

When it comes to punishing her slaves, Mistress Tura is a pro. She knows what she will and won't accept and is swift to hand out her punishments. When this sexy red head has to punish her new slave, she decides to put on her favorite jeans and sit on his face. As she sits on his face, she hopes that he understands why he's being punished. He struggles to breathe through the thick denim covering her ass.

When it comes to cute asses in jeans, Svenja's ass is the cutest. She knows that her ass is nice but she loves to wear jeans because they make her ass look better. She loves the rough feel of the fabric on her naked ass so she wears a thong underneath. When she sits down, she imagines she is on her boyfriend's face and that he is inhaling all her scent.

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