Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Mistress Annett had a bone to pick with this guy. He had borrowed money from her but did not return it. She tried to ask him for it but he was always full of excuses and she was pissed and had to punish him. She tied him up and she used her jeans to grind on his face. She made him scream in pain and when she was done, he went and came back with the money.

Mistress Natalia could not believe what her slave had done. He had ignored her instructions and she was pissed that he had the balls to do that. She had to teach him a lesson so she wore her denim. She practiced as he watched and when she was done showing him what she would do to him, she crushed his face and smothered it painfully with her ass in jeans.

Mistress Canella and her girlfriend Shrima love rough sex. They like to rough each other up and it is always good foreplay for them. Today Canella surprised Shrima by throwing her on the floor and facesitting on her with her jeans on. She ground her ass on her face and made it both fun and a little painful. She did not mind the pain and they both had a lot of fun.

Do you like to feel her denim jeans on your face? Amanda is a dominant women and she needs a seat now. Of course - the seat is your face. So sniff her ass and be her human seat for a facesitting session NOW!

When Katja and Ljuba get together, they are all about pleasure. They don't mind who falls victim to their pleasures as long as they find pleasures. When they see a slave peeking at them, they bring him in and put the cushion on him. They take turns putting their denim covered asses in his face. They loves smoking and taking their times in letting him breath without smelling their ass.

When Serina says that she likes something, her slaves better agree or there will be hell to pay. She took her slaves out with her shopping and her slave had the nerve to say this pair of jeans weren't for her. She purchased the jeans and took him home. When she got him home, she laid him down and sat in his face. She wanted him to understand what that meant to her. She wanted the scent of her pussy in those jeans to be embedded in his head.

When it comes to stretching her jeans, Emely has the perfect thing to do it with. She puts on her sexy new dark jeans and grabs her cuddly teddy bear. She puts him on a chair and sits on him. She loves to feel of the denim stretching across her pussy, turning her on. She switches positions, making sure she gets all the material stretched. She enjoys getting her pussy rubbed and feeling the material play along her sensitive skin.

Mistress Diana is a woman that loves her jeans. She just bought a new pair and she wants to stretch them out. As soon as she can, she calls her slave over so that she can get them stretched. When he sits on the couch, she straddles his face and puts her full weight in his face. She then puts her ass in his face, stretching her legs. She loves feeling the stretch of the denim as his hot breath pushes against it.

When it's time to do something different, Malou knows just what she wants to do. She wants to try facesitting on her slave but before she gets started, she would rather practice on something. She grabs a doll and puts on her most comfortable jeans. She puts her slave across the room and tells him this is what she will be doing to him. She sits down in different positions and lets him watch the delectable curve of her ass.

Jana is a novice in many areas but an expert in others. Jana knows she looks good in jeans because she feels really sexy in them. She wants to do something new and she wants to do it to her slave. She grabs a doll and sits on it. She wants to know what it feels like to sit on a face so she tries it on the doll first. She lets her slave know she will be sitting on his with all her weight soon.

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