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Mistress Canella and her girlfriend Shrima love rough sex. They like to rough each other up and it is always good foreplay for them. Today Canella surprised Shrima by throwing her on the floor and facesitting on her with her jeans on. She ground her ass on her face and made it both fun and a little painful. She did not mind the pain and they both had a lot of fun.

Mistress Victoria has a nice figure and she loves to flaunt it while wearing her jeans. She likes tight jeans that show her figure and sometimes she struggles to put them on because she has a big ass. But after they are on, it is always worth it as she looks fabulous. She bought a new pair today and she wanted to also use it to facesit on her slave since she had never tried it before and had been told it was great to use to smother a slave's face.

Karina's beige jeans remind you of soft, light skin but though her tanned skin is in contrast to them. As you're jeans addicted, it should be the best day of your life today cuz Karina decided to take a shower inside her sexy jeans! Watch the stream of water run down the rough fabric and turn it into something glossy. A wet river strokes her hot jeanslegs and her jeansass and you would do everything to take part in Karinas game just a little longer...

Anna tries to fit in very tight jeans. After a sceptical moment, she tries to put them on and first puts one leg, then the other one through them. She's struggling hard to fit in, but after a while both legs are wrapped successfully inside of them! Then it's her asses turn. While she tries to drag them to her hips, you can watch her sexy ass and worship it, until she's finished.

Canella will drive you completely crazy in this private jeans session. She stretches her ass towards you so you can worship her jeansbutt. Then she pulls down her jeans a bit to show her sexy ass and her red thong to you! You're already sweating while you're watching her, but she still has something more to show. While lolling on the couch, she spreads her legs as wide as an athlete!

Elfia is Sonja's dominant girlfriend, who likes to torture her from time to time, everytime Sonja doesn't expect she's coming. Now Elfia grabs her girlfriend on the couch and makes her moveless by sitting down on her face. While Sonja's out of fresh air, Elfia rubs her jeanspussy on her girlfriend's face as long as she wants to, checking messages on her smarthphone while Sonja is struggling with the situation.

Katy is wearing a white top and a pair of blue denim jeans as she steps into the bathtub. She turns on the water and grabs the portable shower head. The long-legged slender brunette soaks her blue denim jeans from front to back. You can see how sexy her wet jeans ass is. She loves the feeling of wet denim sticking to her butt. Katy also gets the legs of her tight jeans wet too.

Veronika is wearing sexy red panties and dirty white ankle socks while sitting in a chair. She decides to try to put on her new dark blue denim jeans. The long-legged brunette has to struggle to put one leg into the tight jeans and then another. She then tries to squeeze her round ass into the tight jeans. Veronika succeeds and then pulls them up over her hips so she can zip them up.

Horny Amira is looking incredible while wearing her yellow jersey, tight blue denim jeans and blue sneakers. She strikes a few poses for you so you can admire her sexy jean-covered ass. The brunette pulls down her tight jeans to show off her hot pink panties. She bends over while her blue denim jeans is down around her thighs. Amira loves having her sexy ass looked at while she wearing her tight blue jeans and hot pink panties.

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