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Karina's beige jeans remind you of soft, light skin but though her tanned skin is in contrast to them. As you're jeans addicted, it should be the best day of your life today cuz Karina decided to take a shower inside her sexy jeans! Watch the stream of water run down the rough fabric and turn it into something glossy. A wet river strokes her hot jeanslegs and her jeansass and you would do everything to take part in Karinas game just a little longer...

Katy is wearing a white top and a pair of blue denim jeans as she steps into the bathtub. She turns on the water and grabs the portable shower head. The long-legged slender brunette soaks her blue denim jeans from front to back. You can see how sexy her wet jeans ass is. She loves the feeling of wet denim sticking to her butt. Katy also gets the legs of her tight jeans wet too.

Alicee was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom looking at her face. She decides to get into the bathtub and soak her white jeans with the shower head. She also gets her white top with spaghetti straps wet. Her white jeans grows transparent the wetter they get. She loves how her wet tight jeans sticks to her small ass. Alicee should get all her jeans wet with the shower head.

Delicious brunette Angelina invites you into her bathroom. She sees how turned on you are by staring at her in her tight low-riding jeans and she wants to tease you even more. She steps into the shower and starts to let the water pour all over her. Her sexy jeans get wet and you can see the water soaking her and running down her stomach and down the front of her jeans.

Ellis is a very cute and petite teasing slut who checks herself out in the bathroom mirror. She steps into the shower with tight sexy jeans and a t-shirt on and starts spraying herself with water. She gets horny from you watching her and she pulls her shirt up and shows her stomach so she can pour water down the front of her jeans and cool down her hot pussy.

When it comes to sexy, Alena is a woman that knows about it. She knows that she looks good in jeans and she knows she looks good wet. When she gets in the shower, she keeps on her jeans. She takes the shower head and begins to wet her jeans. She loves the way the heavy fabric feels against her skin. She wants to make sure her lover knows how sexy she is so she wets the other side where he wasn't awar.

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