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Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Mistress Canella and her girlfriend Shrima love rough sex. They like to rough each other up and it is always good foreplay for them. Today Canella surprised Shrima by throwing her on the floor and facesitting on her with her jeans on. She ground her ass on her face and made it both fun and a little painful. She did not mind the pain and they both had a lot of fun.

Faye is a very cute redhead who is so petite and sexy in jeans. She has come to humiliate her slave with jeans facesitting. The material on the jeans really helps to smother her slaves when she sits on their face with her full weight. She spreads her legs and crushes this slave's face with her sexy jeans ass and warm pussy. He smothers but she just pushes down harder.

Pretty brunette goddess Gisele doesn't want her slave to move at all when she is facesitting on him so she ties him tight to a seat cushion. She lowers her sweet jeans ass down on his face and it covers his whole head. She spreads her legs so he can smell her pussy through her jeans. Then she turns around for some reverse facesitting and jeans ass smelling as she pushes down her full weight.

This young slave has come to stunning brunette Mistress Mara for a lesson in facesitting. Her ass is just the right size and he wants the first ass that sits on his face to be tight and sexy like this one. She is definitely sexy in her blue short shorts as she sits on his face like a human seat cushion. His ass covers his whole face and he starts to smother.

Svenja is a petite and sexy blonde in jeans who is looking for something to crush with her jeans ass. She finds a toy fire truck and it looks like to perfect size for a butt crush. She puts the truck on a table and sits down on it with her full weight. The toy is crushed under the full weight of her ass. She loves to feel it crunch.

Zora is a dominating mistress who loves facesitting on her slaves. She loves it the most when she is wearing jeans. The feeling of her slave smothering through the jeans makes her ass and pussy warm. She forces her ass down on this slave's face with her full weight and smothers him. His face is completely covered with her sexy ass as he fights for breath. She really gets off on domination.

Sweet, petite and pretty brunette Alexandra hangs out with her friend Viki and something comes over her. She grabs Viki and throws her to the ground. She starts to get up and she climbs on her back and rides her like a horse. Viki collapses in the floor from her full weight so Alexandra starts facesitting on her and pushing down hard with her full weight. She is brutal with her female slave.

Jamie-Kate is so gorgeous and bubbly. Her petite frame is so hot to look at in her tight jeans. She sits on the couch with her slave below her. She gets down on top of him and pushes her jeans ass down on his face. She keeps facesitting on him in both positions until her sexy jeans ass starts smothering him. She pushes down harder with her full weight while he lies there.

Horny lesbian Melena starts fighting with her girlfriend Suzi on the bed and it is clear that she is the dominant one. The more she fights, the more horny she gets. She starts touching and grabbing Suzi all over then turns her over on her back so she can climb up and start facesitting on her. She presses her pussy against her face with her full weight and starts to cum.

Cute little horny blonde Jana wants this slave to smell her ass through her jeans. She sits down on his face several times in her sexy jeans and she starts to get horny. She grabs the slave by the hair and shoves his face into her crotch. She holds her legs suspended in the air so her full weight can press down on his face and she can feel him smother under her pussy.

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