Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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This stuffed panda bear doesn't stand a chance against the big sexy jeans ass of brunette crush fetish mistress Stellina. She stands there looking sexy in her tight jeans and lowers her ass down on the face of the toy bear. The head of the bear is crushed flat by the full weight of her amazing ass. She then pulls her jeans down so she can crush it with her bare ass.

Gisele is a hot young brunette in tight jeans who has a butt crush fetish. She likes to crush things with her ass and it fees really good in jeans. She tapes a doll to a stool so it won't move around under her ass. She lowers her ass down and the doll is completely flat under her full weight. Her cute and crushing ass looks so hot you will want to be crushed.

Svenja is a petite and sexy blonde in jeans who is looking for something to crush with her jeans ass. She finds a toy fire truck and it looks like to perfect size for a butt crush. She puts the truck on a table and sits down on it with her full weight. The toy is crushed under the full weight of her ass. She loves to feel it crunch.

Michelle is a sweet and gorgeous blonde in jeans who loves to crush things with her jeans ass. she puts a small doll on a stool and lowers her giant ass down on top of it. The blonde hair is all that is sticking out. The rest of it is completely covered by her ass. She sits on the toy and flattens it in several positions while you watch.

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