Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Mistress Amanda has a lovely ass. She loves to crush things with it and today she used it to crush a doll. She did it while wearing her jeans because she knew that her jeans was tough and she could do some damage with it as opposed to when she wore other clothes. So she placed it on a seat and she had fun crushing it till she got tired of it.

This mistress was not happy with her slave, He had not done things the way she wanted and she was pissed. To correct the situation, she made him lie down and she got on top of him. She facesat on him using her ass and she crushed his face with her jeans. It was painful and he screamed in pain but she was only getting started and she told him so.

Mistress Katja likes to humiliate losers and today she wanted to do it with her jeans on. She wore a strong pair of jeans and she facesat on her slave. She crushed his face and smothered it with her ass till she felt it was enough. Her slave was in pain and was begging for mercy but she turned a deaf ear till she felt it was enough punishment for him.

This slave does not know how to follow instructions. The mistress was tired of reminding her so she came up with a way that he will not forget. She made him lie down and then smothered his face with her ass in jeans. It was uncomfortable and a little bit painful for him, but she did not care. She only wanted him to understand learn a lesson and not repeat his mistakes.

Lara and Angle are hot lesbians who like to get naughty and have fun whenever they can find time. They are adventurous and never have enough of each other. They like to wear hot pants made of jeans because they are tight and enable them to have foreplay without even undressing. It is possible for the girls to spank and try to eat each other's pussy with their hot pants on.

This guy has a fetish for smelling female underwear. She wanted to smell Kiras underwear, but she did not feel comfortable to give him her underwear. But she agreed to facesit on him and let him smell her pussy and her ass while she sat on his face. He agreed and she enjoyed facesitting on him with her jeans trouser. It was a win - win situation as both of them had fun.

Other people like blue and dark denim. Luba Luv likes denim as well, but she likes white ones. They are easy to disguise, but they have the same effect. Whenever she's expecting her boyfriend, she likes to wear them because they are tight and hold against her round ass firmly. And when she goes into the shower and splashes water on herself, the view is magical and makes her boyfriend go crazy.

Mia has a thing for dark denim. She likes the fact that it looks great and brings out her figure. She has a nice ass which the denim brings out as well. But she also likes the denim because it is strong and very durable. Apart from lasting longer, it is a good accessory for her when she wants to bring a slave over and punish him or her with a good facesit.

Kristy was from the fashion store to buy herself a new pair of jeans. Her ass was getting bigger and rounder and she wanted something that would show it well. She ran home and could not wait to try it. She put it on and enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. Even she could not help but admire her nice, curvy and round ass. She knew that it would be a head turner.

Nicole does not really like teddy bears like other girls. She found one in her house and she was mad at it. She did not know who brought it but wanted to show her disgust at it by crushing it. She had her tight jeans on and she crushed it with her ass. She had fun crushing the poor teddy bear and did not notice how time flew while she did it.

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