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Oh boy... just try to control yourself and NOT break your computer after you've watched my hot jeansass! I'll fuck your mind with my hotpants that show you more than you've ever seen in your miserable life. My hot ass cheeks are clearly visible underneath them and furthermore I pluck my little, black thong out, which creates a whale tail on my hips. These arguments of mine would win every discussion!

Canella will drive you completely crazy in this private jeans session. She stretches her ass towards you so you can worship her jeansbutt. Then she pulls down her jeans a bit to show her sexy ass and her red thong to you! You're already sweating while you're watching her, but she still has something more to show. While lolling on the couch, she spreads her legs as wide as an athlete!

Kristy was from the fashion store to buy herself a new pair of jeans. Her ass was getting bigger and rounder and she wanted something that would show it well. She ran home and could not wait to try it. She put it on and enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. Even she could not help but admire her nice, curvy and round ass. She knew that it would be a head turner.

Nicole does not really like teddy bears like other girls. She found one in her house and she was mad at it. She did not know who brought it but wanted to show her disgust at it by crushing it. She had her tight jeans on and she crushed it with her ass. She had fun crushing the poor teddy bear and did not notice how time flew while she did it.

Chikita wears nothing but jeans. Not only because they are durable, but because they are trendy and bring out her ass. Her ass is cute and the jeans does not hide any of it, enabling her to get the desired effect. She wears dark denim and light denim and sometimes, she likes to wet her jeans whenever she wants to be naughty and turn on someone. She likes to take different poses in her jeans.

Sexy Jenny is such a little show off but she knows you are addicted to her jeans ass as she gives you a full view of her lovely ass. She has a nice full ass and then teasingly pulls her jeans down to show you her bare ass cheeks in her sexy pink thong underwear. You know you want to rub your tongue all over those bare cheeks but can only look.

Lisa Jordan has one of the most gorgeous asses you have ever seen so get to worship the hot babes sexy ass as she teasingly pulls down her tight denim jeans to show you the goods. The hot brunette is wearing her hot black and white thong underwear as she sticks her hot round ass right into your face letting you stick your face right in the middle of her ass.

When it comes to cute asses in jeans, Svenja's ass is the cutest. She knows that her ass is nice but she loves to wear jeans because they make her ass look better. She loves the rough feel of the fabric on her naked ass so she wears a thong underneath. When she sits down, she imagines she is on her boyfriend's face and that he is inhaling all her scent.

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