Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Princess Serena loves denim. It is tough and it also makes her look great. She loves the fitting kind because it shows off her curvy ass as well as feels great when she rubs her clit through it. She also likes to facesit and when she does it to someone while wearing her jeans, the effect is always great. Today she just felt like enjoying her jeans fetish alone without humiliating or punishing anyone and that is what she did.

Faye is a very cute redhead who is so petite and sexy in jeans. She has come to humiliate her slave with jeans facesitting. The material on the jeans really helps to smother her slaves when she sits on their face with her full weight. She spreads her legs and crushes this slave's face with her sexy jeans ass and warm pussy. He smothers but she just pushes down harder.

Pretty brunette goddess Gisele doesn't want her slave to move at all when she is facesitting on him so she ties him tight to a seat cushion. She lowers her sweet jeans ass down on his face and it covers his whole head. She spreads her legs so he can smell her pussy through her jeans. Then she turns around for some reverse facesitting and jeans ass smelling as she pushes down her full weight.

Cute little horny blonde Jana wants this slave to smell her ass through her jeans. She sits down on his face several times in her sexy jeans and she starts to get horny. She grabs the slave by the hair and shoves his face into her crotch. She holds her legs suspended in the air so her full weight can press down on his face and she can feel him smother under her pussy.

Come here slave. I want to sit on your face and smother you with my sexy jeans ass. I will to feel your nose and mouth on my warm crotch and I want to feel you breathing into my ass. I sit on you in both positions and use my high heels as leverage so I can push my ass down on you with my full weight. I love humiliating you with facesitting.

Natalie humiliates and dominates her loser slave and uses his face as a seat while she looks at her phone. She has sexy jeans on and it causes him to smother when she sits on his face with her full weight. She straddles his face in both positions for some hot and hard facesitting. He smothers under her crotch, but she just looks at her phone while he tries to get a breath.

When it comes to facesitting, few can match Michelle. She loves facesitting and does it any chance she gets. Today, she found someone who has a fetish for female butts and wanted to smell her butt. She jumped on the opportunity and smothered his face with her ass. She enjoyed facesitting on him with her ass and her jeans enabled her to get the desired effect she was looking for.

Saskia was in a good so she bought some wine to drink and have a good time. But she did not feel as good as she wanted to. She remembered the one thing that always makes her feel great - facesitting on a slave. She quickly got a slave and then with her jeans, she sat on his face and then smothered his face with her ass. It made her feel great!

Emely has an ass to die for. Her ass is cute and round. And when she wears her jeans, she looks amazing. Guys want to touch it and spank but they cannot. But Emely's slave was lucky enough to have her facesit on him. She put her curvy ass on his face and had fun smothering his face with it. The slave was uncomfortable but did not mind because it was a hot ass.

Sexy Russian Mistress Katja humiliates and degrades her male slave by tying his hands and legs together to immobilize him and then stuffs a gag in his mouth. She tortures him by trampling his back and making him kiss her sexy blue sneakers. She takes off her sneakers and socks and force him to smell them and last but not least takes photos of the loser to show her friends.

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