Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Princess Serena loves denim. It is tough and it also makes her look great. She loves the fitting kind because it shows off her curvy ass as well as feels great when she rubs her clit through it. She also likes to facesit and when she does it to someone while wearing her jeans, the effect is always great. Today she just felt like enjoying her jeans fetish alone without humiliating or punishing anyone and that is what she did.

Elfie is the slender blonde while Sonja is the busty redhead. They are both wearing tight blue denim jeans when they start kissing on the bed. The light touching turn the wild lesbians into wrestling each other. Sonja licks the slender long-legged blonde's denim leg. Elfia returns the favor by rubbing the busty redhead's jean-covered crotch. They enjoy some hot sixty-nine action too. Now you can see why they have so much fun with their clothes on.

Alice wears a red top and dark blue denim jeans when she goes to the bathroom. Instead of stripping them off, she steps into the bathtub. The slender blonde turns on the water and sprays herself down with the portable shower head. She enjoys the warm water soaking her dark blue jeans. Alice runs her free hand over her wet tight jeans. She likes the feeling of wet denim beneath her fingers.

Lisa and her girlfriend are both wearing blue denim jeans. The long-legged blonde puts Milena on the bed and ties her hands together. Lisa dominates and punishes her girlfriend by grabbing her ass. She makes Milena kiss her before she tickles her. Lisa shows her who is the boss by spanking her jean-covered ass. She is not done with her girlfriend yet for she straddles her head. She rubs her denim-covered crotch on Milena's face.

Svenja is a petite and sexy blonde in jeans who is looking for something to crush with her jeans ass. She finds a toy fire truck and it looks like to perfect size for a butt crush. She puts the truck on a table and sits down on it with her full weight. The toy is crushed under the full weight of her ass. She loves to feel it crunch.

Stunning blonde slut Vanessa M. looks sexy in her short jean shorts and white blouse. She is satisfying her butt crush fetish by crushing things with her luscious ass. This time she pops a balloon. Her gorgeous, tan legs tense up as she lowers her ass down on the balloon. The balloon spreads across her big jeans ass and finally pops from her full weight. How great would it be to be that balloon?

With one arch of her back, sexy blonde mistress Janine can tease you and make you ache to have her. Her big luscious ass looks so hot in tight jeans and she sticks it right in your face. She wants you to imagine cupping it with your hands and feeling the heat from her body from being horny. She spreads her sexy legs in jeans and gives you that fuck me look.

Cute little horny blonde Jana wants this slave to smell her ass through her jeans. She sits down on his face several times in her sexy jeans and she starts to get horny. She grabs the slave by the hair and shoves his face into her crotch. She holds her legs suspended in the air so her full weight can press down on his face and she can feel him smother under her pussy.

Smouldering hot blonde Denise has a butt crush fetish. She likes to sit on toys and flatten them with her gorgeous ass. This time she has tight sexy jeans and boots on and she brings in a stuffed dog. She puts the toy down on the seat cushion and bends over so she can slowly lower her jeans ass down on it. Her perfect ass crushes and flattens the toy.

Pretty blonde Jenny gets you off by shoving her hot jeans ass right into your face. Her ass looks so nice and tight in her light denim blue jeans as she shove s her beautiful butt right into your face. You cant let your eyes stray from her jeans ass as she gives you an up close personal view of her phat ass.Jenny is a pretty girl with a beautiful butt.

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