Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Elfie is the slender blonde while Sonja is the busty redhead. They are both wearing tight blue denim jeans when they start kissing on the bed. The light touching turn the wild lesbians into wrestling each other. Sonja licks the slender long-legged blonde's denim leg. Elfia returns the favor by rubbing the busty redhead's jean-covered crotch. They enjoy some hot sixty-nine action too. Now you can see why they have so much fun with their clothes on.

Malika and Dizzy are two drop dead gorgeous mistresses in jeans. They are lesbians and really enjoy kissing and licking each other. Today they both have jeans on so it is extra hot. They both take their tops off, kiss and lick each other's petite tits. They leave their jeans on and start rubbing their pussies together and moaning in pleasure. What an amazingly hot lesbian scene and these girls are hot for each other.

Horny lesbian Melena starts fighting with her girlfriend Suzi on the bed and it is clear that she is the dominant one. The more she fights, the more horny she gets. She starts touching and grabbing Suzi all over then turns her over on her back so she can climb up and start facesitting on her. She presses her pussy against her face with her full weight and starts to cum.

Sexy jeans lesbians Angelina and Nomy are all over each other on the bed rubbing each other with their hot denim jeans. The gorgeous blonde and brunette rub all over each other sticking their faces in each others crotches and jeans ass. They start petting their jeans pussy and caress each other on the bed really getting into the hot lesbian action. They moan as they rub their jeans pussies.

When Louve and Mary get together, they enjoy their pussy licking times. Louve knows that Mary enjoys denim so she surprises her with a pair of new jeans. Mary dives for her pussy, smelling and licking through the denim. As she plays with Louve, she can't help but want to return the favor. She turns the tables and starts to sniff and eat at Mary's pussy through the denim as well.

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