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Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Mistress Canella and her girlfriend Shrima love rough sex. They like to rough each other up and it is always good foreplay for them. Today Canella surprised Shrima by throwing her on the floor and facesitting on her with her jeans on. She ground her ass on her face and made it both fun and a little painful. She did not mind the pain and they both had a lot of fun.

Who said that you have to be naked to get a powerful orgasm? Suzi was out to disprove of this notion by wearing her strong and durable denim trouser. She wore the jeans and then started to touch herself erotically. She reached her clitoris and rubbed against it and she got all hot and wet, and as she did it, she became hornier and hornier and finally she exploded explosively.

This slave does not know how to follow instructions. The mistress was tired of reminding her so she came up with a way that he will not forget. She made him lie down and then smothered his face with her ass in jeans. It was uncomfortable and a little bit painful for him, but she did not care. She only wanted him to understand learn a lesson and not repeat his mistakes.

When it comes to facesitting, few can match Michelle. She loves facesitting and does it any chance she gets. Today, she found someone who has a fetish for female butts and wanted to smell her butt. She jumped on the opportunity and smothered his face with her ass. She enjoyed facesitting on him with her ass and her jeans enabled her to get the desired effect she was looking for.

Mia has a thing for dark denim. She likes the fact that it looks great and brings out her figure. She has a nice ass which the denim brings out as well. But she also likes the denim because it is strong and very durable. Apart from lasting longer, it is a good accessory for her when she wants to bring a slave over and punish him or her with a good facesit.

Mistress Svenja likes to wear her denim trouser when she's dominating and punishing a slave. She knows her stuff and is good at what she does. She knows that jeans is strong and if she wears a tight one, it will be a good accessory with which to facesit on her slave. It will give her the desired effect if she wants to facesit on the slave hard and make him feel pain.

Nicole does not really like teddy bears like other girls. She found one in her house and she was mad at it. She did not know who brought it but wanted to show her disgust at it by crushing it. She had her tight jeans on and she crushed it with her ass. She had fun crushing the poor teddy bear and did not notice how time flew while she did it.

When Mistress Aileen Taylor wants to trample and smother a slave with her ass, she wears nothing but jeans. And tight jeans at that. This is because the tighter it is the better it is to facesit a slave with. She likes to wear it and then tease the slave a bit with her nice and round ass before finally facesitting on him and smothering his face with the cute ass.

Saskia was in a good so she bought some wine to drink and have a good time. But she did not feel as good as she wanted to. She remembered the one thing that always makes her feel great - facesitting on a slave. She quickly got a slave and then with her jeans, she sat on his face and then smothered his face with her ass. It made her feel great!

This mistress was dressed in her high heeled boots and her jeans. She looked marvelous but her she wanted to destroy some things that her ex boyfriend had left behind after they broke up. The jeans gave her the flexibility to do what she wanted which included crushing, stomping and jumping on the package until it was all in pieces. And she looked sexy in her jeans while she did it.

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