Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Malika and Dizzy are two drop dead gorgeous mistresses in jeans. They are lesbians and really enjoy kissing and licking each other. Today they both have jeans on so it is extra hot. They both take their tops off, kiss and lick each other's petite tits. They leave their jeans on and start rubbing their pussies together and moaning in pleasure. What an amazingly hot lesbian scene and these girls are hot for each other.

Mistress Malou's boyfriend had refused to buy her new jeans. So she went and about them herself and when she came home, she wanted to show them off to him. She made him lie down and then smothered his face with her ass in jeans. With the denim being strong, he felt the pain and humiliation of not buying her her favourite clothes. He had learnt a lesson he will not forget.

Dizzy has made herself comfortable on her couch and begins to stroke and rub herself all over. She gets hot and horny in her dark blue denim jeans and grabs a vibrator to finish off the job. She rubs the pink vibrator against her jeans pussy getting herself off and makes herself come, enjoying every step of the way.You probaly came in your pants looking at the sexy beauty masturbate.

Sexy Dizzy squeezes herself into her tight blue denim jeans forcing the jeans on the bed. She looks so hot putting on her tight jeans on the bed over her long gorgeous legs. Dizzy shows off her belly button piercing as she squeezes the blue jeans up as high as she and can manage to look good for the night. Dizzy is happy when she is able to fit in them.

The two jeans lesbians Stella and Dizzy are sitting on their bed, exchanging passionate kisses. They are fingering each other's hot jeans asses and rubbing their jeans against each other. The two hot redheads are all over each other like wild lesbos Then Dizzy gets Stella's tits naked and begins to lick them. The two girls are getting hot and heavy bringing each other to orgasm on the bed.

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