Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles tagged with "Dark Jeans"

Do you like to feel her denim jeans on your face? Amanda is a dominant women and she needs a seat now. Of course - the seat is your face. So sniff her ass and be her human seat for a facesitting session NOW!

Emelys is curvy in all the right places and is not afraid to flaunt it. She is wearing a light blue top with spaghetti straps and dark blue denim jeans. The curvy brunette shows off her plump ass from all sides. She does stretch out the sexy jeans quite well. I just hope that she doesn't knock the plant off the table behind her when she shakes her jeans ass in that direction.

Alice wears a red top and dark blue denim jeans when she goes to the bathroom. Instead of stripping them off, she steps into the bathtub. The slender blonde turns on the water and sprays herself down with the portable shower head. She enjoys the warm water soaking her dark blue jeans. Alice runs her free hand over her wet tight jeans. She likes the feeling of wet denim beneath her fingers.

When it comes time for Serina to doll sit, she has a new concept in mind. She puts her newest pair of jeans on grabs her doll. She tapes her to a chair and sits on her. She doesn't care that the doll isn't alive, she loves the feeling she gets from putting her ass on a doll. She loves the imprint of the doll on her ass and pussy.

When Jane and Layla buy new jeans, they can't keep their hands to themselves. They love the way their asses feel in the denim. Jane knows her ass looks good in her light jeans. She loves the way the creamy soft material feels. She also loves the way Layla's ass looks in the dark denim. They can't keep their hands off one another. They rub and touch each other's asses, sitting on each other's laps.

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