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Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Faye thinks, that a rope around this losers neck will do. It shall keep him on the floor while she fulfills her very wish of the day - to smother him beneath her sexy ass in hot pants! She shoves his face with the tight fabric and leaves his skin burning from friction. Although he seems to suffer beneath her weight, she's not showing any sign of compassion for him.

Sexy Lady Cathy takes you as her next facesitting victim! She sits down on you and her BBW ass finds a parking lot in your face. Her jeans are very rough, and she not only takes away your breathing air, she's also hurting you by rubbing her ass against your weak skin! She calls her boyfriend to tell him what she's doing with you. Both laugh at you and you feel so damn humiliated!

Last time her boyfriend was really ignorant, and Coco is not that kind of girl who cries or is bruised afterwards; instead she's furious and loves revenge! So she tied her boyfriend to a stool and starts facesitting on his head. His mouth and his nose are both shut beneath her jeans hot pants, and she put on some music and earphones to only hear the beat and not hear his moaning! Coco starts dancing and shaking her ass on his face!

It's kinda funny how this loser is struggling beneath her ass, Denise is thinking. It's difficult to keep the balance while she sits on his face and smokes her cigarette. The loser has to breathe in the air that's filtered through her jeans fabric. It filters out fresh air and transfers only her sweet ass scent and the scent of her jeanspussy, haha! She doesn't care about his dilemma, but gives him slaps in the face instead when he's moaning.

Elfia is Sonja's dominant girlfriend, who likes to torture her from time to time, everytime Sonja doesn't expect she's coming. Now Elfia grabs her girlfriend on the couch and makes her moveless by sitting down on her face. While Sonja's out of fresh air, Elfia rubs her jeanspussy on her girlfriend's face as long as she wants to, checking messages on her smarthphone while Sonja is struggling with the situation.

Do you like to feel her denim jeans on your face? Amanda is a dominant women and she needs a seat now. Of course - the seat is your face. So sniff her ass and be her human seat for a facesitting session NOW!

Pretty brunette mistress Leana face sits her slave a she has him pinned underneath her with her nice young sexy ass in her tight denim jeans. The slave gets his nose and mouth covered by her sexy jeans ass as she plants on her hot booty right on top of his face. Again and again the harsh denim is rubbing around his face, and this will last as long as mistress Leana

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