Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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When you first lay your eyes on Jenny, the first thing you will notice is her sexy ass. She has a lovely round ass which many men would love to bang. She knows this and uses it to her advantage. She likes to tease men with her cute ass. She would wear denim because it shows off her ass and then slowly strip tease and remain with her thong.

Lisa Jordan is a sexy mistress. She looks great in whatever she wears, although she likes wearing jeans. Today, she wanted to practise how to strip tease for her boyfriend when he came home. She slowly and seductively removed her jeans and underwear lay on the bed teasing. She showed off her nice butt and some moves which can make any straight guy get an orgasm just by watching her.

When Alicee is home with her lover, she loves to perform. She enjoys the way that he's watching her in her white jeans. She decides to tease him and show him what is under her pretty white jeans. She loves just what she is doing. As she walks around the room, she tilts her ass in the air, showing how good it looks in white. She begins to peel her jeans off to show him her pretty green thong.

When it comes time for Serina to doll sit, she has a new concept in mind. She puts her newest pair of jeans on grabs her doll. She tapes her to a chair and sits on her. She doesn't care that the doll isn't alive, she loves the feeling she gets from putting her ass on a doll. She loves the imprint of the doll on her ass and pussy.

Emely knows what makes her ass look good and her favorite pair of light blue jeans are it. She loves the softness of the material and how it cups her ass just right. She wears a thong so that she can feel the material against her round ass. She can't help but get turned on at the feel of the crotch brushing up against her pussy. She gets turned on when she wears these jeans and she loves it.

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