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Girls in skin tight jeans.

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Ricky doesn't like her once beloved teddy bear any more. She doesn't want him to exist and she always get what she wants. The slender long-legged brunette puts the stuffed toy animal on a bar stool. She slowly sits on him while wearing a pair of blue denim jeans. Ricky shows him no mercy as her jean-covered ass flattens him. Don't you wish that was you under her hot denim ass?

Katy is wearing a white top and a pair of blue denim jeans as she steps into the bathtub. She turns on the water and grabs the portable shower head. The long-legged slender brunette soaks her blue denim jeans from front to back. You can see how sexy her wet jeans ass is. She loves the feeling of wet denim sticking to her butt. Katy also gets the legs of her tight jeans wet too.

Laura K. looks amazing while wearing her black tank top, tight blue denim jeans and black boots. She shows off her sexy ass in her jeans while she walks to her black leather couch. The slender long-legged brunette sits down and caresses her denim-covered legs. She then kneels on the couch so you can look at her hot jean-covered butt again. Laura K. knows she looks good in her tight jeans.

Natalie is wearing a hot pink top and torn blue denim jeans. She controls her submissive male slave with a collar and leash. The wicked brunette Mistress commands him to put his head on her footstool. She then sits her denim-covered ass on his face. Natalie doesn't care that she is putting her full weight on his head. She then pulls out her cell phone and takes a selfie of her dominating him.

This brunette beauty is wearing a black tank top and blue denim jeans. She is standing on a wooden floor while bare footed while barefooted. The stranger must have drank plenty of water for she begs to empty her full bladder. Unfortunately, she waited too long and ends up pissing on her blue denim jeans. Good thing that all the crazy action was caught on film for you to enjoy.

Sophia Smith loves wearing blue denim jeans with her black tank top. She runs her hands over her long legs. The slender brunette then puts her hands inside the back of the blue denim jeans. She struts her stuff in the living room for she knows that she has a sexy ass and loves to flaunt it. If you are addicted to tight jeans, then you don't want to miss Sophia Smith wearing her's with pride.

When it comes to denim, Emely knows how to wear it perfectly. She knows that she will look good in any denim but she loves this pair of dark washed jeans. She loves the way they cup her ass and makes it look plump. When she puts her jeans on, she loves to make sure she can move in them. She poses with her pretty round ass in the air, legs spread and fully comfortable.

Emely knows what makes her ass look good and her favorite pair of light blue jeans are it. She loves the softness of the material and how it cups her ass just right. She wears a thong so that she can feel the material against her round ass. She can't help but get turned on at the feel of the crotch brushing up against her pussy. She gets turned on when she wears these jeans and she loves it.

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