Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles tagged with "Face Sitting"

Jana H is wearing a red tank top, dark blue denim jeans and red high-heeled shoes. Her shirtless submissive sex slave kneels before her as she grabs his chin in her right hand. She commands him to lay down on the dark wooden floor. The pale-skinned brunette sits on his bare chest first. She then sits on her face so that his mouth and nose is buried deep in her jean-covered crotch.

Erina is feeling very dominant in her tight blue denim jeans. She is also wearing a black top and high-heeled shoes. The slender long-legged brunette sticks her denim-covered ass in her submissive male slave's face as he kneels before her. That's not punishment enough so she forces him to the wooden floor. She sits on his face with his nose and mouth covered with her jean-covered crotch. He is too helpless to struggle.

Natalie is wearing a hot pink top and torn blue denim jeans. She controls her submissive male slave with a collar and leash. The wicked brunette Mistress commands him to put his head on her footstool. She then sits her denim-covered ass on his face. Natalie doesn't care that she is putting her full weight on his head. She then pulls out her cell phone and takes a selfie of her dominating him.

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