Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles tagged with "Full Weight Facesitting"

When Mercedes decides to sit down, she sits down. As soon as she does, she feels a relief because she feels the face of her slave through the thin denim of her shorts. She loves feeling his hot breath through the thin fabric of her shorts. As soon as she feels like he needs fresh air, she sits up for a few seconds before putting her full weight on his face.

When Katja and Ljuba get together, they are all about pleasure. They don't mind who falls victim to their pleasures as long as they find pleasures. When they see a slave peeking at them, they bring him in and put the cushion on him. They take turns putting their denim covered asses in his face. They loves smoking and taking their times in letting him breath without smelling their ass.

When it comes to keeping things simple, Svenjas is a woman that believes in this concept. She is home and wearing her favorite pair of denim shorts. They are short enough that when she sits on her slave's face, he can get a waft of her bare pussy. She sits on his face with all her weight. She moves her legs so that he can get the full aroma of her pussy through the denim.

When it's time to do something different, Malou knows just what she wants to do. She wants to try facesitting on her slave but before she gets started, she would rather practice on something. She grabs a doll and puts on her most comfortable jeans. She puts her slave across the room and tells him this is what she will be doing to him. She sits down in different positions and lets him watch the delectable curve of her ass.

When it comes to doing what one wants, there are some things that are worth fighting over. Malika knows that she shouldn't be in the living room when Dizzy comes home. Rather than argue, Dizzy grabs her by the hair and rubs her face into her denim covered ass and pussy. She wrestles her to the ground and starts to grind her denim covered pussy in her face and laughs at her suffocating.

Mistress Mercedes loves to push the envelope. She knows what she has to do when it comes to punishing her slave. Right before she goes out, she calls her slave to come into the living room. She puts him on the floor and puts her denim clad ass on his face. She doesn't care that he can't get any air through the thick denim. She wants him to understand why he's being punished.

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