Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

Lisa Jordan has one of the most gorgeous asses you have ever seen so get to worship the hot babes sexy ass as she teasingly pulls down her tight denim jeans to show you the goods. The hot brunette is wearing her hot black and white thong underwear as she sticks her hot round ass right into your face letting you stick your face right in the middle of her ass.

When it comes to sexy, Alena is a woman that knows about it. She knows that she looks good in jeans and she knows she looks good wet. When she gets in the shower, she keeps on her jeans. She takes the shower head and begins to wet her jeans. She loves the way the heavy fabric feels against her skin. She wants to make sure her lover knows how sexy she is so she wets the other side where he wasn't awar.

When Mercedes decides to sit down, she sits down. As soon as she does, she feels a relief because she feels the face of her slave through the thin denim of her shorts. She loves feeling his hot breath through the thin fabric of her shorts. As soon as she feels like he needs fresh air, she sits up for a few seconds before putting her full weight on his face.

Angelina is a woman that knows what looks good on her. She knows that her curvy ass looks best in a pair of light colored jeans. She loves the way they lovingly curve over her ass and legs. She hears the men as she walks past in her jeans. She is a woman that loves to be turned on and when she wears her jeans, she is constantly turned on.

When Katja and Ljuba get together, they are all about pleasure. They don't mind who falls victim to their pleasures as long as they find pleasures. When they see a slave peeking at them, they bring him in and put the cushion on him. They take turns putting their denim covered asses in his face. They loves smoking and taking their times in letting him breath without smelling their ass.

When Alicee is home with her lover, she loves to perform. She enjoys the way that he's watching her in her white jeans. She decides to tease him and show him what is under her pretty white jeans. She loves just what she is doing. As she walks around the room, she tilts her ass in the air, showing how good it looks in white. She begins to peel her jeans off to show him her pretty green thong.

When it comes to denim, Emely knows how to wear it perfectly. She knows that she will look good in any denim but she loves this pair of dark washed jeans. She loves the way they cup her ass and makes it look plump. When she puts her jeans on, she loves to make sure she can move in them. She poses with her pretty round ass in the air, legs spread and fully comfortable.

When Serina says that she likes something, her slaves better agree or there will be hell to pay. She took her slaves out with her shopping and her slave had the nerve to say this pair of jeans weren't for her. She purchased the jeans and took him home. When she got him home, she laid him down and sat in his face. She wanted him to understand what that meant to her. She wanted the scent of her pussy in those jeans to be embedded in his head.

When Nadine goes out, she always wants to be the center of attention. This pretty blonde is a woman that has sensuality dripping from her and her jeans is the icing on the cake. She knows that she has a beautiful body and she dresses it up in jeans. She loves the way the jeans mold her pretty figure, cups her ass. She loves to tease when she's wearing jeans, bending and sticking her ass in the air.

When Svenja knows that her slave has been naughty, she looks forward to their punishments. She knows they won't like what she does but it's okay because she will enjoy it. She calls him into the room and she takes her time restraining him. She lays him on the floor and puts her round denim covered ass in his face. She puts her full weight on his face and presses down. She loves putting her denim covered pussy in his face, knowing he can't smell her wonderful scent.

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