Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

Sweet, petite and pretty brunette Alexandra hangs out with her friend Viki and something comes over her. She grabs Viki and throws her to the ground. She starts to get up and she climbs on her back and rides her like a horse. Viki collapses in the floor from her full weight so Alexandra starts facesitting on her and pushing down hard with her full weight. She is brutal with her female slave.

Annabell is an extremely hot redhead who likes to tease you with her ass. She wants you to worship her ass and her ass is definitely worth worshipping. She teases you by flashing her legs in her short jeans shorts then turns around so you can see her jeans ass. She gets in several positions that make her body look even hotter. She is so supple all over and she knows you want to touch her.

Jamie-Kate is so gorgeous and bubbly. Her petite frame is so hot to look at in her tight jeans. She sits on the couch with her slave below her. She gets down on top of him and pushes her jeans ass down on his face. She keeps facesitting on him in both positions until her sexy jeans ass starts smothering him. She pushes down harder with her full weight while he lies there.

Lisa Jordan is one of the hottest brunettes you will ever see and her body is curvy and tender. She humiliates you and teases you then turns around so you can give her some ass worship. Anyone would worship that ass it's so nice. She pulls up her shirt and shows you her amazing and supple torso then flips you off for added humiliation. She gives you jerk off instruction telling you when to cum.

Michelle is a sweet and gorgeous blonde in jeans who loves to crush things with her jeans ass. she puts a small doll on a stool and lowers her giant ass down on top of it. The blonde hair is all that is sticking out. The rest of it is completely covered by her ass. She sits on the toy and flattens it in several positions while you watch.

Jalace is a horny young girl in black jeans who gets wet when she starts to rub her jeanspussy in front of you. She rolls around moaning and playing with herself through her black jeans. She loves teasing you and making you wish you were the one giving her an orgasm, but she is doing just fine by herself. She cums quick because you are watching her and jerking off.

Iren is a super sexy and energetic girl who loves to tease men. She knows how hot she looks in her tight ripped up jeans and high heels and she loves it when you stare at her thighs that are exposed from the tear in her jeans. She rubs herself and gets horny and she knows you are getting horny too so she stands up and pulls her jeans down to show you her naked ass.

Alicee is a tender young jeans fetish queen who gets horny when she teases you. She sees you watching her in her tight jeans and she starts to rub herself. She gets herself wet and starts rubbing her jeanspussy harder. You want to press your cock into her juicy jeans ass, but all you are allowed to do is watch while Alicee plays with her jeanspussy until she has a hot orgasm.

Welcome to Olga's place. You sit down on her sofa and get comfortable while you stare at her walking around in her skin tight jeans that show the luscious curves of her ass and legs. She lies down on her stomach in front of the fireplace with her jeans ass towards you and spreads her legs. She sees you getting horny so she stands up and pulls her jeans down to show her bare ass.

Delicious brunette Angelina invites you into her bathroom. She sees how turned on you are by staring at her in her tight low-riding jeans and she wants to tease you even more. She steps into the shower and starts to let the water pour all over her. Her sexy jeans get wet and you can see the water soaking her and running down her stomach and down the front of her jeans.

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