Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles tagged with "Masturbation"

Jalace is a horny young girl in black jeans who gets wet when she starts to rub her jeanspussy in front of you. She rolls around moaning and playing with herself through her black jeans. She loves teasing you and making you wish you were the one giving her an orgasm, but she is doing just fine by herself. She cums quick because you are watching her and jerking off.

When it comes time to cum, Mila has a particular way she wants to do it. She loves her brand new jeans and will only cum in a pair of new blue jeans. She grabs her pretty pink dildo and licks it. She enjoys the way it feels when she pushes it against her denim covered pussy. She lays down on the couch, loving the gentle massage and the rough caress of the denim.

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