Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 2/2013

When Gianna goes out, she likes to make an appearance. She loves knowing that she looks good, especially her ass. She loves wearing her short tight denim shorts. When she puts on her tiny shorts, she knows that her ass looks better. She enjoys the way her denim shorts make her ass look. She loves to pose and turn around. She can't wait to go to the club and put her pretty ass in someone's face.

When it comes time for Serina to doll sit, she has a new concept in mind. She puts her newest pair of jeans on grabs her doll. She tapes her to a chair and sits on her. She doesn't care that the doll isn't alive, she loves the feeling she gets from putting her ass on a doll. She loves the imprint of the doll on her ass and pussy.

When Emely puts on jeans, she knows her ass looks really good. She has a naturally curvy ass and loves to firm look jeans give her. She puts on her favorite pair of jeans and saunters around the house. She loves to bend in them, pulling the material down the crack of her ass. She loves sitting and stretching her legs open. She sets her pussy on fire when the rough denim touches her thong clad pussy.

When it comes to keeping things simple, Svenjas is a woman that believes in this concept. She is home and wearing her favorite pair of denim shorts. They are short enough that when she sits on her slave's face, he can get a waft of her bare pussy. She sits on his face with all her weight. She moves her legs so that he can get the full aroma of her pussy through the denim.

When it comes time to cum, Mila has a particular way she wants to do it. She loves her brand new jeans and will only cum in a pair of new blue jeans. She grabs her pretty pink dildo and licks it. She enjoys the way it feels when she pushes it against her denim covered pussy. She lays down on the couch, loving the gentle massage and the rough caress of the denim.

When it comes to stretching her jeans, Emely has the perfect thing to do it with. She puts on her sexy new dark jeans and grabs her cuddly teddy bear. She puts him on a chair and sits on him. She loves to feel of the denim stretching across her pussy, turning her on. She switches positions, making sure she gets all the material stretched. She enjoys getting her pussy rubbed and feeling the material play along her sensitive skin.

When Jane and Layla buy new jeans, they can't keep their hands to themselves. They love the way their asses feel in the denim. Jane knows her ass looks good in her light jeans. She loves the way the creamy soft material feels. She also loves the way Layla's ass looks in the dark denim. They can't keep their hands off one another. They rub and touch each other's asses, sitting on each other's laps.

Mistress Diana is a woman that loves her jeans. She just bought a new pair and she wants to stretch them out. As soon as she can, she calls her slave over so that she can get them stretched. When he sits on the couch, she straddles his face and puts her full weight in his face. She then puts her ass in his face, stretching her legs. She loves feeling the stretch of the denim as his hot breath pushes against it.

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