Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 9/2015

Veronika is wearing sexy red panties and dirty white ankle socks while sitting in a chair. She decides to try to put on her new dark blue denim jeans. The long-legged brunette has to struggle to put one leg into the tight jeans and then another. She then tries to squeeze her round ass into the tight jeans. Veronika succeeds and then pulls them up over her hips so she can zip them up.

Horny Amira is looking incredible while wearing her yellow jersey, tight blue denim jeans and blue sneakers. She strikes a few poses for you so you can admire her sexy jean-covered ass. The brunette pulls down her tight jeans to show off her hot pink panties. She bends over while her blue denim jeans is down around her thighs. Amira loves having her sexy ass looked at while she wearing her tight blue jeans and hot pink panties.

Laura K. looks amazing while wearing her black tank top, tight blue denim jeans and black boots. She shows off her sexy ass in her jeans while she walks to her black leather couch. The slender long-legged brunette sits down and caresses her denim-covered legs. She then kneels on the couch so you can look at her hot jean-covered butt again. Laura K. knows she looks good in her tight jeans.

Alicee was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom looking at her face. She decides to get into the bathtub and soak her white jeans with the shower head. She also gets her white top with spaghetti straps wet. Her white jeans grows transparent the wetter they get. She loves how her wet tight jeans sticks to her small ass. Alicee should get all her jeans wet with the shower head.

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