Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles tagged with "Wet Jeans"

Sexy redhead Nikky walks along the sea with her hot jeans and her bikini top. Her jeans is getting slowly wet as she dunks herself in the cool water. She shows you a good view oh her hot wet ass cheeks in her painted on blue jeans. She is sitting down in the cold and fresh sea water getting herself nice and wet with the blue jeans on.

Sexy brunette Katrinusic hops into the shower to shower her perfect jeans ass with the shower head. She is wearing her tight sexy denim jeans as she gives you an eye full of all the goods. She gets her denim jeans all nice and wet from the shower head as she spins around to give you multiple views of her sexy jeans ass and jeans pussy in the shower.

When it comes to sexy, Alena is a woman that knows about it. She knows that she looks good in jeans and she knows she looks good wet. When she gets in the shower, she keeps on her jeans. She takes the shower head and begins to wet her jeans. She loves the way the heavy fabric feels against her skin. She wants to make sure her lover knows how sexy she is so she wets the other side where he wasn't awar.

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