Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 12/2016

Amanda Rey's really hot body is teasing you all the way during this clip! Her super trained belly drives you crazy, but what about that ass? It's far beyond sexy, that's rad!!! She twists and turns it and sticks it towards you, so you can nearly touch her tight ass cheeks. She wants to try out her first jerk off instruction, so prepare to wank your dick and toss of to her command, while she'll be looking into your eyes!

Sexy Lady Cathy takes you as her next facesitting victim! She sits down on you and her BBW ass finds a parking lot in your face. Her jeans are very rough, and she not only takes away your breathing air, she's also hurting you by rubbing her ass against your weak skin! She calls her boyfriend to tell him what she's doing with you. Both laugh at you and you feel so damn humiliated!

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