Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 5/2015

Natalia is a cute brunette with a small frame but her ass is big. That is why it looks so good in jeans. She sits on the floor with her legs spread as if tempting you to come between them. This is just a tease so you have to stay back. She turns around and sticks out her big jeans ass and drives you crazy with her sexiness. What a gorgeous girl.

Pretty brunette goddess Gisele doesn't want her slave to move at all when she is facesitting on him so she ties him tight to a seat cushion. She lowers her sweet jeans ass down on his face and it covers his whole head. She spreads her legs so he can smell her pussy through her jeans. Then she turns around for some reverse facesitting and jeans ass smelling as she pushes down her full weight.

Malika and Dizzy are two drop dead gorgeous mistresses in jeans. They are lesbians and really enjoy kissing and licking each other. Today they both have jeans on so it is extra hot. They both take their tops off, kiss and lick each other's petite tits. They leave their jeans on and start rubbing their pussies together and moaning in pleasure. What an amazingly hot lesbian scene and these girls are hot for each other.

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