Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 10/2014

Welcome to Olga's place. You sit down on her sofa and get comfortable while you stare at her walking around in her skin tight jeans that show the luscious curves of her ass and legs. She lies down on her stomach in front of the fireplace with her jeans ass towards you and spreads her legs. She sees you getting horny so she stands up and pulls her jeans down to show her bare ass.

Delicious brunette Angelina invites you into her bathroom. She sees how turned on you are by staring at her in her tight low-riding jeans and she wants to tease you even more. She steps into the shower and starts to let the water pour all over her. Her sexy jeans get wet and you can see the water soaking her and running down her stomach and down the front of her jeans.

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