Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

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You're so ridiculous, I couldn't think of someone worse than you and I'll tell you exactly why! I know about your disgusting thoughts and your wish to see and hear a real, sexy woman like me fart inside my jeans. Ewww, so pitiful!!! Your life obviously is kinda senseless if you're into such things... but let me show you my sexy ass farts though, loser. For you'll feel how your shame gets connected to horniness!

Sexy Russian goddess Mistress Katja does a little face sitting and Farting in her male slaves face as she gives him a face full of her nice tight ass in her blue denim jeans. The little pathetic slave must clasp his hands together and not try to shove her off as she cuts off his air supply sitting hard on top of the little losers face on the floor.

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