Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 10/2015

Anfisa sits on your face while wearing tight blue denim jeans. She is also wearing black high-heeled boots. The slender long-legged brunette wants you to know that you are not in charge any more. She just walks over you and sits down on your face. Anfisa has a lot of fun doing this POV video and wants to make more. She knows how much you want her to do it too.

Lizz looks amazing in her tight and faded blue jeans. She has a big wad of cash sticking out of her back pocket. The long-legged brunette runs her hand over her jean-covered butt. She enjoys the feel of denim beneath her fingers. Lizz shows off her smelly bare feet. She knows you want to suck her dirty toes. The long-legged brunette then flips you her middle finger because she is telling you to fuck off.

Jenny sits on her black chair while wearing her yellow t-shirt and blue denim jeans. She is also wearing a gold belt to keep her pants up. The slender brunette spreads her long legs wide before turning around. She knows how much you like her perfect butt covered in denim and gives you a little show. Jenny bends over while pulling down her blue denim jeans. She enjoys showing off her sexy ass and black lace panties.

Angelina is feeling frisky when she sits on her red sofa. She is wearing a black top with spaghetti straps, hot pink denim jeans and wicked black platform shoes. The sexy brunette MILF spreads her long legs wide and starts rubbing her crotch. She enjoys the feeling of denim beneath her fingertips and can't stop herself. The crotch of her hot pink denim jeans grow wet but they will be even wetter when she climaxes.

Faye proves that she can be rather rough on her dolls. She is wearing a cute short-sleeved blouse and a pair of tight light blue denim jeans while she puts her Barbie doll on a bar stool. The slender long-legged brunette sits down on her. She shows her doll no mercy as she wiggles her denim-covered ass. Don't you wish that it was you getting crushed by Faye's jean-covered ass?

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