Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 6/2016

The really hot Latina Amanda Rey calls an ass her own, that's par excellence, a real world-wonder - so fucking bubbly and tight and vested in dark blue jeans. Bun soon you'll realize, that she's just as rough as her denim fabric! She will fuck your brain really hard. If you've tried once, you can't escape. You will jerk off to her command, and from this day on you will jerk off for her ass only!

What does this sexy butt remind you off? Feels like heaven, isn't it? You've always been haunting for those extremely hot jeansasses, but in real life it's hard for you to find these beauties. Sexy Janine will show you some of the candy she got for you! Her jeans are wrapped tight around her ass and she wants you to have a close look on it, when she slowly's sitting down on the barstool.

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