Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 4/2014

Erina is an ultra hot and dominating mistress with a huge, round and tight ass in jeans. The jeans stretch tight over her ass as she sticks it out so she can crush a doll. Her ass is already big, but it looks like a giant ass next to the toy. The toy is crushed and flattened under the full weight of Erina's sexy jeans ass and it disappears under it.

Natalie humiliates and dominates her loser slave and uses his face as a seat while she looks at her phone. She has sexy jeans on and it causes him to smother when she sits on his face with her full weight. She straddles his face in both positions for some hot and hard facesitting. He smothers under her crotch, but she just looks at her phone while he tries to get a breath.

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