Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 1/2014

Jenny Ninas looks hot and sexy in hot pants. She has a great ass and the hot pants show off this ass. Whenever she feels naughty she likes to wear the hot pants which are made of jeans and shows off her butt. She knows how to wiggle her waist and butt, and this always drives guys insane. She uses it to great effect when she's in the mood to flirt.

When it comes to facesitting, few can match Michelle. She loves facesitting and does it any chance she gets. Today, she found someone who has a fetish for female butts and wanted to smell her butt. She jumped on the opportunity and smothered his face with her ass. She enjoyed facesitting on him with her ass and her jeans enabled her to get the desired effect she was looking for.

Mia has a thing for dark denim. She likes the fact that it looks great and brings out her figure. She has a nice ass which the denim brings out as well. But she also likes the denim because it is strong and very durable. Apart from lasting longer, it is a good accessory for her when she wants to bring a slave over and punish him or her with a good facesit.

Mistress Svenja likes to wear her denim trouser when she's dominating and punishing a slave. She knows her stuff and is good at what she does. She knows that jeans is strong and if she wears a tight one, it will be a good accessory with which to facesit on her slave. It will give her the desired effect if she wants to facesit on the slave hard and make him feel pain.

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