Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 9/2013

Emely has an ass to die for. Her ass is cute and round. And when she wears her jeans, she looks amazing. Guys want to touch it and spank but they cannot. But Emely's slave was lucky enough to have her facesit on him. She put her curvy ass on his face and had fun smothering his face with it. The slave was uncomfortable but did not mind because it was a hot ass.

This mistress loves to crush and smother things with her nice ass. With her jeans, she sat down and smothered the poor thing. Her hot ass knows how to crush things with or without jeans. So she removed the jeans and then used her underwear to crush the poor thing. Her round ass looked not only amazing as she did it, but it did some good amount of crushing as well.

Liona and Nikky are planning to go to the club, and they are dressed in sexy denim trousers. And it is not just their jeans which are looking gorgeous, but the sports car which they are using to go to the club with also looks the part. Before getting in the car, they touch each other's cute asses and play with each other just to make their boyfriends jealous and to turn them on.

Jenny was looking fabulous in her new jeans, and could not wait to show it off to her boyfriend. The jeans fitted her tightly and brought out her cute ass. Her boyfriend loves her curvy ass, and with that tight jeans holding on to her round ass, he will love every minute of it. She planned to splash some water on herself to get the jeans wet and seduce him with her ass.

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