Denim Fetish

Girls in skin tight jeans.

All articles in archive 4/2013

Sweet Vanessa wants to show you what she can do with her ass. She sits down on the workout bench showing you her full ass in her tight denim blue jeans. She fetches the plastic cups, sitting down on them in various positions, flattening them, cracking them open with her big full ass nd turning around to give you as sexy seductive smile. Vanessa is a sexy redhead with a great ass

Worship Sexy Jenny in her tight denim jeans as she bends over to give you a good look of her beautiful young ass in the jeans. She gets you very hard as she poses on the couch showing off her beautiful body in the tight denim jeans. She has her hot blue eye shadow on as she turns you on and gets you all hot and bothered with her ass.

Sexy Saya from Asia wears her skintight and extremely short jeans shorts as she bends over to give you a good look of her tight denim shorts covering ahr nice round ass and jeans pussy. You know you want to stick your face right in that ass as Saya gives you multiple views of her gorgeous body dresses in her nice tight jean shorts. It is quite a sight to see.

Sexy Russian goddess Mistress Katja does a little face sitting and Farting in her male slaves face as she gives him a face full of her nice tight ass in her blue denim jeans. The little pathetic slave must clasp his hands together and not try to shove her off as she cuts off his air supply sitting hard on top of the little losers face on the floor.

Aileen Taylor smothers in jeans The male slave can only breathe in her gorgeous ass as she stuffs his face with her big round full booty in her denim jeans. He gets to breathe in her hot jeans ass and pussy. He gets to breathe in her hot jeans ass and pussy as she bends over on top of his face in the smother box to give him a face full.

With much pleasure Inessa is sitting down on the shrunken girl in her tight white denim jeans shorts. She sits her nice full ass on top of the little shrunken girl giving her a face full of Inessa's sexy ass right on top of her. Inessa can show her who is the boss as she cuts off the tiny little girls air supply making her breathe in her denim ass.

Sexy Jenny has a nice little tight ass and she loves to show it off in her tight blue denim jeans and stick her cute little ass right inot your face. Get a good look at Jenny's hot ass as she turns around to give you a full view of her luscious little behind. She looks so sexy bending over on the couch and giving you a look at her ass.

Lisa Jordan has one of the most gorgeous asses you have ever seen so get to worship the hot babes sexy ass as she teasingly pulls down her tight denim jeans to show you the goods. The hot brunette is wearing her hot black and white thong underwear as she sticks her hot round ass right into your face letting you stick your face right in the middle of her ass.

When it comes to sexy, Alena is a woman that knows about it. She knows that she looks good in jeans and she knows she looks good wet. When she gets in the shower, she keeps on her jeans. She takes the shower head and begins to wet her jeans. She loves the way the heavy fabric feels against her skin. She wants to make sure her lover knows how sexy she is so she wets the other side where he wasn't awar.

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